Letter to MacGyver Fans from Creator Lee Zlotoff

Dear Mac Fans,

I cannot begin to express how humbled I am at the way you have embraced MacGyver as a fun and entertaining character, and how so many of you around the world have been inspired to make him part of your lives, if not your vocabulary. Never in my wildest dreams when I was writing the pilot could I have imagined what MacGyver would become. And must, as always, acknowledge the invaluable and essential contributions of all the writers, producers, directors, crew and actors who brought this character to life—first and foremost the incomparable Richard Dean Anderson. So a sincere and profound ‘thank you’ for all involved. (And you can check the MAC YOUNIVERSITY page for their personal recollections.)

And even though all of us were only doing it ‘just to make another TV show’ at the time, there is no doubt how honored and, well, proud I know we now feel to have been a part of something so enduring and iconic.

Just as I am really excited and pleased to have been invited to share my thoughts, experiences, and aspirations for MacGyver here at The Creator’s Corner on the macgyverglobal website. Having created MacGyver has gifted me with a lifetime of stories, encounters, and extraordinary opportunities—and continues to—many of which I am eager to share with you.

So for those who are interested, I will regularly be posting how surprisingly MacGyver has shaped and changed my life—and give you a running account of all the amazing experiences he’s bringing my way now.

As with any great story, it’s best to start at the beginning. Which is why in the new comic book series—and here, over the next few weeks and months, is the Real Origin story of how MacGyver came to be in the first place, as that is almost always one of the first questions I am asked.

And, with the editors, I look forward to hearing your MacGyver stories, and whatever thoughts or comments you’d care to share. Since, if nothing else, I have learned over the years, that there is at least a little MacGyver in every one of us.


Lee D. Zlotoff

10 thoughts on “Letter to MacGyver Fans from Creator Lee Zlotoff

  1. Thank you for MacGyvers very existence.

    I grew up with him as a hero.Richard Dean Anderson is still one of my biggest hero and seems like a decent bloke. If i can say a character and theme tune had an influence on me he would equal Star Wars.

    I wish i could meet Richard and shake his hand got being like a friend.


  2. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU MACGYVER!! You were ma hero since I was a kid…and now that I am a woman in ma 30’s,,still wanting you…still loving you!! ❤


  3. I’m not sure how you’ll take this, but I didn’t discover MacGyver until this year. I am in my mid-60s now, but I can assure you, the show has lost none of its power of attraction. As an extra advantage to discovering the show so late, I got the pleasure of watching Richard mature, both during the wonderful seasons of this show, but throughout his career. As one who gained parenthood late in life (we adopted my granddaughter when I was 54) I understand the difficulties and infinite joys of having a child in one’s life at our ages, and admire him greatly for having the willingness and wisdom to accept the responsibility of raising his child. Thank you, Lee, for all the inspiration and hard work it took for you to bring MacGyver to life. You and all the others involved in the show, allowed so much pleasure and infinite dreams from MacGyver, I doubt you will ever know how far it reaches. Thank you.


  4. Dear Mr. Zlotoff. I am overwhelmingly pleased that you decided to try another series regarding the MacGuyver Persona. I will admit, quite a bit of my life has been spent much the same way MacGuyver was. I was in the military myself, and I always seemed to either have, or make the right tool for the job, but I ended up developing a mild distaste for guns. Though I am very proficient, I was trained as a sniper, I had a few friends of mine that developed PTSD and it really threw their life out of whack. I guess you can say that I was fortunate to have been spared the rigors of combat.

    I also am incredibly mechanically inclined, no quite a bit about the applied sciences. Though I have had no formal education or degree in the scientific fields, I have learned quite a bit in regards to physics, engineering, and chemistry through self teaching, and I’ve managed to create quite a few things using nothing but things that i would find in my garage. I wish I would have known about this competition, because I would have given anything for the opportunity to even get a BIT part in the new show.

    If by slim miracle of chance your new character can use a side kick to pick up the slack, I’d sell my soul for the opportunity. Well, maybe extended lease, Sell is so permanent.

    Alfonso Johnny Galvan.


  5. estou com 1 mes e 3 semanas de parida, no dia 27/11/12 tomei cocnratept com dois dia de ter tomado a injeçao meu esposo largou o semem dentro hoje 5/12/12 menstruei e normal.


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