Your Stories – A Boy, a Kind Man and Their Show

Story sent in by an anonymous fan.

“Growing up I was introduced to a man whom I only knew as a distant relation.  He was a very kind and decent man with a very important job.  He was very good to me and I met him regularly.  He was not my dad just a relation, I never knew my dad.  We had one thing in common at that age, we both loved MacGyver.  He loved to sit beside me and we would watch the show weekly.  He liked it for many reasons looking back, Mac represented non-violence, kindness, doing the right thing, never losing your temper, being mild mannered, being hopeful and those are all good things.  The music excited me when it came on (theme tune) as this meant that we had time together (my relative and I) and this time was spent watching MacGyver.
Watching MacGyver is probably one of very few memories I have of him.  He died when I was a child.  I remember this man fondly.  MacGyver always represented hope through the years and re-runs of episodes meant I always recollected this kind man and what he taught me indirectly through this special show.  Two years ago my Mother fell ill and told me this man was my father.  The reason I never knew him is deeply personal, needless to say he was a good and honest man.
Our time watching MacGyver will always be with me, for it was much more than a show but a time of peace and hope that nourished my childhood and as an adult watching those old shows I remember that boy and that kind man, and their show.  Thank you Mac for bringing me that peace.  Thank you Mr. Zlotoff too.”

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