Your Stories – Amy’s Story

MacGyver had a profoundly deep impact on me. As a kid I always thrived on action and adventure and fantasy…as entertainment AND an escape. I didn’t have a great childhood…better than many…but not something I’d ever go back and repeat unless I could pick exact moments! I was smarter than most kids my age, eating up books like food and I was a loner and artistic. Once I started school, it didn’t take long for me to be labeled a weirdo nerd, and I was picked on all the time. I quickly believed being smart was a curse. I was also abused for a long time and since I had an active imagination, it was real easy to withdraw and just live in my own world. I was already in the habit of pretending to be characters like James West, Captain Kirk…lol…even Zorro…so when MacGyver came along…it was only natural! Indiana Jones happened then, too, and I got hooked right away on both. MacGyver was my quick favorite…he eventually helped me see it was a good thing to be smart and that I didn’t have to hide it. I related easily to kids he interacted with like Kate (Ugly Duckling) and Lisa (Cease Fire) and I was impressed how he cared for the outcasts. MacGyver started kind of a slow revolution in my life, and was a main influence on keeping me away from drugs and alcohol. Before I was in junior high I decided I wanted to be a teacher or social worker, so I could make a difference like Mac. That’s not what I ended up studying in college, but by the time I got to that point I was generally OK with being a brainy loner and started to think it was reasonable that I was a living breathing human being. At some point I stumbled reluctantly into a relationship with Jesus Christ, and that’s when everything MacGyver taught me kind of solidified…I didn’t just see myself through Mac’s eyes, but through God’s. After I graduated college, I got involved with a church that was in need of a senior high Sunday School teacher…so I stepped in and started realizing the teacher part of my dream, and it didn’t take long to take long to work in the social worker aspect when I became involved in the teen youth group leadership, too. So now for 11 years I’ve been teaching, counseling and building relationships with teens, and I can’t imagine not doing it! I even manage to work in the occasional MacGyver object lesson!

Other ways MacGyver’s impacted me…I have a deep respect for the world and people around me. I’m not quick to judge, but I am quick to stand against injustice. I love nature and would rather spend a day in the woods than anywhere else. I carry a SAK and use it at least once a day, my computer plays all kinds of MacGyver sound clips when certain things happen, I have a Mac quote on my screen-saver, and my cell phone plays the theme song. I don’t drive a Jeep yet…but I’m really liking that new 4-door Wrangler!

Originally posted at MacGyverOnline by Amy

5 thoughts on “Your Stories – Amy’s Story

  1. What a great story, sounds just like my life I lost my dad at a young age. So macgyver was like my father figure kind of I learned alot stayed off drugs and everything in school I was a student assistant to the younger kids and a chaperone to some handicap kids and still I am living the macgyver life helping people out I carry a Swiss and drive a Jeep wrangler and now I have my seven year old son hooked in all things macgyver is there away I can get in touch with Amy and talk about macgyver.


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