Your Stories – MacGyver in India

Greetings from India. I am a 40 years old IT professional. I grew up watching the fabulous MacGyver episodes…though it was not directly shown in Indian Television, we used to watch it through Bangladesh Television in mid ’80s. There was a group of my friends who used to watch the same…we used to carry “Phoenix Foundation” logo in our T-shirts and proud to be a MacGyver fan…Kudos to Lee, Richard, John and all the team members to make this a success.

I follow MacGyver theory in every difficult situation I face and trust me it helps me a lot in my life. After a long time I re-discovered MacGyver by collecting the four seasons of MacGyver which I frequently watch at my home, even my 7 years old son is fond of MacGyver.

Story sent in by subhankargupta

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