2013 Young MacGyver Award Announced

Young MacGyver Award winner Aditya Dantuluri

Young MacGyver Award winner Aditya Dantuluri

The MacGyver Foundations first ‘Young MacGyver Award’ was presented to Aditya Dantuluri at this years Innovation Summit’s ‘Conrad Creative Collaboration (C3)’ workshop held in April of this year.  The award, named after the 80’s TV show which follows a the adventures of Secret Agent Angus MacGyver as he uses his vast scientific knowledge and creative genius to get himself and others out of perilous situations, recognizes young individuals who exemplify the spirit shown in the TV series through creativity,ingenuity and a desire to help others with innovative problem solving. Event organizers Fabian Fernadez-Han and Peter Han explained their selection saying, “For the MacGyver award, Fabian and I selected Aditya Dantuluri as the winner based on our observation of his behavior during C3. Better than anyone else, he captured the improvisation/inventor spirit.”

“I have always thought that the most important part of engineering was looking at existing technology and tools and seeing uses for them that no one else has seen before. Being the kid who loved to try to use a hammer to screw in a nail, though that didn’t work out well, I’ve always been looking at tools and technologies and trying to find new uses for them, so finding out that I had won the Young MacGyver Award was really cool. To me the Young MacGyver Award is something that embodies what it is to be an engineer and I hope it grows into an ideal to strive for.” Aditya said after winning the award.

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Aditya was one of 25 individuals who took part in the C3 event, nicknamed “Hack-a-thon”, aimed at bringing finalists  of  the Conrad Foundations “Spirit of Innovation Challenge” from around the country together  to work in teams to solve real world problems. This year the groups were assigned to work on a solution to protect local aborigine children living in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai, India from being attacked (and devoured) by wild leopards as they trek several kilometers each day to fetch water for their villages. Equipped with detailed information about both the problem and the design thinking process they were asked to follow, the teams spent the afternoon designing their solutions  to be presented at the end of the day. During this time organizers, Fabian & Javier Fernandez-Han and Peter Han roamed between the teams answering ad-hoc questions, providing support and observing the teams as they worked. – “The creativity the 5 teams displayed in their resulting solutions to address Operation Leopard was remarkable.” they said. ” The teams engaged in energetic discussion over the pro’s and con’s of each idea. The level of reasoning and analysis they demonstrated in their presentations and follow-up discussions were impressive.”

The MacGyver Award came with a prize of a complete set of the MacGyver comic book series plus a 250 dollar cash reward.

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