MacGyver Night at the Franklin Institute Museum

macsciencePhiladelphia’s Franklin Institute museum will be holding a MacGyver night as part of their Science After Hours program on Tuesday, Feb 11 from 6:30PM-9:30PM. The science nights are designed to be an entertaining and educational hands on alternative to the local bar scene for adults with each night having a different theme and including cash bars and opportunities to play in some of the hands-on exhibit spaces along with challenges, extravaganzas, live performances, plus lots more.

MacGyver Night at the Museum
Tuesday, February 11 – 6:30PM-9:30PM
Cut the red wire or blue wire? See if your skills match TV’s favorite special agent, Angus MacGyver. Create diversions, defuse the bomb, make a getaway, and enjoy all things that explode during this 1980s flashback. Just make sure you bring your chewing gum and some wire.

The MacGyver Night activities and shows will include amongst other things…

Live BOOM! Show – Enjoy all things explosive with an action packed floor show!
LED Throwies – MacGyver meets street art with this make and take activity.
Superconductor Cart – Watch as a disk levitates above a magnetic track—with the help of ultra cold liquid nitrogen.
Egg Drop Parachute – Can you prevent the egg from breaking? Challenge your friends for a chance to win some awesome prizes!

Tickets cost $15 for Non-Members and $10 for Franklin Institute Members and can be purchased online from their site.

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