2016 Reboot

Executive produced by Peter Lenkov, Henry Winkler and Lee David Zlotoff, the 2016 hard reboot brings MacGyver into the CBS universe as it introduces us to a twenty-something year old MacGyver shortly after leaving the armies bomb disposal squad and now working for the Phoenix Foundation, a highly classified covert government organization working under the guise of a think-tank. He is joined by ex-Delta Force buddy Jack Dalton, ex-black-hat hacker Riley Travis and overseen by Patricia Thornton (later replaced by Matty Webber) as they respond to international threats and crisis.

Executive Producers:

Peter Lenkov, Craig O’Neill, James Wan, Henry Winkler, Lee Zlotoff, Michael Clear

cast_macgyver_lucastillAngus “Mac” MacGyver
Born: March 10, 199?

Ex army bomb disposal squad now works as covert operative for the Phoenix Foundation. MacGyver’s mother died when he was young and his father left when he was 10 leaving him to be raised by his Grandfather.

Actor: Lucas Till


Jack Dalton

Ex-Dalta Force and CIA. Jack meet MacGyver while he was working for the bomb disposal squad and they’ve been friends ever since. Jack now works with MacGyver at the Phoenix Foundation.

Actor: George Eads


Riley Davis

Ex-hacker Riley was recruited from a life sentience in prison at Jack Dalton’s urging as he knew she had the expert tech skills they needed for their Phoenix team.


Actor: Tristin Mays


Wilt Bozer

MacGyver’s best friend since childhoodandand  now aspiring movie make, Wilt has a knack for making masks and disguises, which the Phonix Foundation saw as a useful skillset in recruiting him after he learned the true nature of room-mate, MacGyver’s job.

Actor: Justine Hires


Matty Webber

Matty replaced Patricia Thornton as Director of Field Operations when Patricia Thornton was exposed as a mole. Matty knows Jack from her days in CIA when she was his handler and there remains some unresolved issues between them.

Actor: Meredith Eaton


Patricia Thornton

The most successful clandestine operative in U.S. history, Patricia Thornton was the Director of Field Operations for the Phoenix Foundation until she was revealed to be a mole selling secrets to US enemies.

Actor: Sandrine Holt

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