Tales from the Cast and Crew – Michael Greenburg

Our first cast and crew story comes from MacGyver Producer, Michael Greenburg:

I had the pleasure of producing the MacGyver series from season two through seven and then two MacGyver movies for television. It was an incredible experience highlighted by watching Rick (Richard Dean Anderson aka RDA) become the character and the character become Rick in many ways… Wit and charm come to mind. One of my favorite memories was being part of the process that casted future stars like… Teri Hatcher, Jason Priestly, Cuba Gooding Jr and Mayim Bialik. Watching them work and develope their characters at an early age left no doubt that they would become big stars. We were surrounded daily by very talented professionals on both sides of the camera working hard for long hours to execute the best show possible.

To be continued…

All the best… Mike

‘MacGyvers’ Born In the Superstorm Article in WSJ

Here’s an article talking about how New York citizens turned to their inner MacGyver in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy last week:

When Andrew and Deborah Ku first heard about Hurricane Sandy, they worried that their ground-level bodega—located one block from the beach in Far Rockaway, Queens—would be swamped. They searched for sandbags and found none.

They made an impromptu barrier of faux-sandbags improvised from supplies at hand: cat litter and garbage bags.

The bodega weathered the storm without a drop of floodwater, enabling a reopening as one of the few surviving stores on the hard-hit peninsula.

In the aftermath of the superstorm, New Yorkers are swapping stories about how they summoned their inner MacGyver: tinkering, hacking and jury-rigging everyday objects to devise makeshift solutions, just like the 1980s TV character.

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MacGyver – The Real Origin Story

Once upon a TV show… Hard to believe that it’s been a generation since MacGyver first whipped open his Swiss Army knife on the cultural horizon. Harder still to believe that his name has joined the dictionary and become a global icon for resourcefulness and invention in the face of adversity. And, most surprising of all—at least for me— has been the persistent demand to BRING HIM BACK, PLEASE! So, finally bowing to popular demand, in this graphic novel series, and in other forms currently in the works, we’ve dug out the knife, duct tape and the leather satchel to turn MacGyver loose on a whole new world and set of adventures—which has been something of an adventure in itself. But more about all that later, promise…

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Letter to MacGyver Fans from Creator Lee Zlotoff

Dear Mac Fans,

I cannot begin to express how humbled I am at the way you have embraced MacGyver as a fun and entertaining character, and how so many of you around the world have been inspired to make him part of your lives, if not your vocabulary. Never in my wildest dreams when I was writing the pilot could I have imagined what MacGyver would become. And must, as always, acknowledge the invaluable and essential contributions of all the writers, producers, directors, crew and actors who brought this character to life—first and foremost the incomparable Richard Dean Anderson. So a sincere and profound ‘thank you’ for all involved. (And you can check the MAC YOUNIVERSITY page for their personal recollections.)

And even though all of us were only doing it ‘just to make another TV show’ at the time, there is no doubt how honored and, well, proud I know we now feel to have been a part of something so enduring and iconic.

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