MacGyver in New Zealand

In New Zealand MacGyver started airing on TV2 at 7:30pm every Saturday night back in 1985 and quickly became the channels Saturday night cornerstone show, holding the 7:30 slot for it’s entire 7 year run. During that time the show became a Monday morning talking point with kids around the country discussing and playing MacGyver in the playgrounds during recess and lunchtimes.


Your Stories – MacGyver in India

Greetings from India. I am a 40 years old IT professional. I grew up watching the fabulous MacGyver episodes…though it was not directly shown in Indian Television, we used to watch it through Bangladesh Television in mid ’80s. There was a group of my friends who used to watch the same…we used to carry “Phoenix Foundation” logo in our T-shirts and proud to be a MacGyver fan…Kudos to Lee, Richard, John and all the team members to make this a success.

I follow MacGyver theory in every difficult situation I face and trust me it helps me a lot in my life. After a long time I re-discovered MacGyver by collecting the four seasons of MacGyver which I frequently watch at my home, even my 7 years old son is fond of MacGyver.

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Your Stories – Mac in Finland

I’m a 20-year-old fan of MacGyver from Finland and I’ve been a fan since they started showing the re-runs again in April 2012. I remember viewing an episode for the first time back in 2005. Both of my parents watched MacGyver back in the 80’s. If my memory serves me correctly, MacGyver started airing here in Finland for the first time in 1987.

MacGyver has influenced my life greatly – I don’t drink and I don’t smoke anymore because of Mac and many of the other positive stuff he does and lives by.

I’m thinking of getting my first real Swiss Army Knife “Tinker” model in the near future.

They’re currently airing MacGyver in my country and we’re in season 6 right now.

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