MacGyver Review Podcast

The Phoenix Foundation Podcast is an episode by episode review and discussion podcast starting right back at the original pilot episode and running right through to the current reboot episodes. It also includes interviews with guests of various episodes such as Anthony De-Longis  from ‘The Assassin’ ,  Darcy Marta from ‘Ugly Duckling’ and Kristina Wayborn from ‘The Escape’ episode plus others.

It’s well worth a look and listen.



10 Real Life MacGyver Moments Which Saved Lives

MacGyver has been a source of inspiration for on-the-spot fixes since it first went to air back in 1985 and this list shows that the spirit of MacGyver is still alive and well 30 years later.

Top 10 Real Life MacGyver Moments

LifeHacker’s top MacGyver tips of 2015

LH-most-popular-2015LifeHacker, the site dedicated to everyday MacGyverisms for making life easier, have released their top tricks and tips for 2015.

The site is a treasure trove of knowledge which MacGyver himself could only dream of having with a continuous flow of new ideas coming in the site is the next best thing to having MacGyver at your side.

LifeHacker’s top tricks for 2015



Doctor MacGyver

While on a recent transatlantic flight New York doctor, Khurshid Guru, was called upon for a quick MacGyverism to save a little device that helped an asthmatic toddler struggling to breathe.

His parents had accidentally packed his asthma medication in their checked luggage and after oxygen meter on the child Dr. Guru knew he had to to something quickly.

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MacGyver Club at Bahamas School Promotes Skill Learning

Under the guidance of Carpentry Teacher, Gavin Daziel, and Principal Huel Moss, four S. C. Bootle High School students have been given the task of assisting with basic repairs and maintenance around the Abaco Islands school.

This would include such chores as desk adjustments, re-installing cupboard doors, repairs involving minor carpentry skills, etc.  According to Moss, each student was supplied with their own carpenter’s apron complete with the necessary tools to get their jobs done.

He explained that the MacGyver Club members will earn school hours throughout the school year, which is a compulsory component for graduation.  It is hoped that this initiative will not only instill and strengthen school pride, but will also develop various technical skills which may be beneficial for later life.

Teen MacGyver Invents Eco-friendly Battery

Teen MacGyver – Sahil Doshi

Solving the world’s biggest problems is kid’s work. Assuming the kid is Sahil Doshi, a ninth-grader from Pittsburgh who invented a low-cost battery that cuts greenhouse gases. In 2014 Doshi was named America’s Top Young Scientist for developing what he calls PolluCell, which uses a carbon dioxide solution to generate electricity. Doshi was inspired by conversations with his father, a doctor, and trips to poor and polluted towns in India.

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