Chemistry Life Hacks MacGyverisms

Chemistry Life Hacks shows simple MacGyverisms we can all use in every day situations and explains how they work.

DIY Washing Machine

This is a great idea for making a low-tech clothes washing with nothing more than a bucket, a plunger and some soap suds. Quick and easy to construct and use. This idea has a definite ring of MacGyver to it and would be an excellent idea for camping or vacation trips where you would most likely already be employing a bucket for other uses anyway.

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Emergency handlebar supports

I had taken my boys on a ‘biking adventure’ along a riverside cycle track. We were a mile into the ride when my youngest son fell of his bike and somehow loosened the handlebars (they were so wobbly you couldn’t steer). I was on the verge of walking the bikes back to the car, but decided to have a go at fixing them using wooden sticks and strips of plastic torn from the bag that held our packed lunch.

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A Shop-Vac, a labyrinth, and coax cable: It’s MacGyver time!

Your assignment: Lay fiber between an office and a warehouse standing 350 feet apart. You have a Shop-Vac, a ball of kite string, and a baggie. Do you accept this challenge?

It may sound like the plot from an episode of “MacGyver,” but these were the exact elements a colleague and I had on hand for a networking job back in the day. Somehow, we made it all work, I’m glad to report.

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