Revised Release Date for Graphic Novel

Graphic novel back cover

We have been advised by our publisher that the MacGyver graphic novel release date has been rescheduled for Oct 2 for comic book stores and Oct 15 for online stores.

This is due to the delay between comic stores and the book market that our distributor has in place.



Graphic Novel Announced

The highly successful MacGyver comic book series, “Fugitive Gauntlet”, is set to become a graphic novel which will combine all five issues of the comic book series co-written by MacGyver creator, Lee David Zlotoff and New York Times Bestselling Author Tony Lee with art by Will Sliney.

The novel will not only contain the full creation back story written by Lee Zlotoff which ran as a five part story at the back of each comic book issue, but will also feature an introduction by MacGyver and Stargate SG:1 Producer Micheal Greenburg as well as a special article from Lee Zlotoff explaining the concept of his new MacGyver Global site and outlining his future plans for MacGyver.

The MacGyver Graphic Novel is set to be released on Sept. 25, 2013.

Graphic novel front cover

Graphic novel back cover



MacGyver – The Real Origin Story

Part 5 – Who You Gonna Call?

If you recall from the last installment, I had just managed to navigate the Scylla and Charybdis of Henry Winkler and his alter ego, The Fonz, to be faced with concocting a suitable alternative to the ‘Hourglass’ concept that preserved the notion of a single-lead, action/adventure series.  Piece of cake, you’re thinking, right?

And I’d like to report that, having repaired to my office in Santa Monica, I cogitated for a brief period and—in a stunning epiphany—the concept of MacGyver in all his inimitable details simply sprang full-blown into my fertile mind.  That’s what I’d like to report, but no such luck I’m afraid because it took a good deal more than that for Mac to enter the world.
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Lee Zlotoff & Tony Lee signing at local LA comic store

MacGyver creator Lee David Zlotoff and Comic book writer Tony Lee will both be in-store to meet fans and do signings on Feb 13 between 7-8pm at Meltdown comics.

So if you’re in the LA area stop by and say Hi to them both.

The finished poster for the MacGyver signing at Meltdown comics! Art by Andie Tong, colours by Ciaran Lucas!

MacGyver – The Real Origin Story

Part 4 – The Fonz: Up Close and Personal

So, just to recap, in the last issue I was on my way to meet with Henry Winkler who asked to see me after I informed the studio that the ‘Hourglass’ concept wouldn’t work—at least in my humble opinion.

Now Henry’s office was on the Paramount studio lot, which is smack dab in the heart of Hollywood. And the traffic there is usually terrible, so I’m really counting on the long crawl across town to rehearse the encounter in my head and get my nerves under control. No such luck. In some freak occurrence that defies all explanation there is no traffic. The roads are deserted and you just know I make every single traffic light. It’s almost as if I’m being inexorably pulled toward his office like it’s some black hole from which any escape is hopeless and I will be sucked into oblivion— forever.

And before I know it I’m inside the studio gates and marching across the acres of parking lots, sound stages and twisting warrens of offices— in the searing southern California heat—so that, by the time I finally locate Henry’s office, you could wring the sweat from my clothes, my nerves are in wicked knots, and when his smiling assistant chirps, “Would you like something to drink?” it takes a Herculean effort NOT to ask for a double scotch and instead mumble that a water will be fine, before I’m ushered in to meet my fate.
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MacGyver Comic Sells Out In Less Than 2 Weeks

ISSUE #1 of “MACGYVER: FUGITIVE GAUNTLET” comic sells out completely in under two weeks!

Image Comics has just announced that every copy of the first printing of Issue #1 of the comic has been sold. Guess they just forgot how fast Mac can get it done, huh? Not to worry; they’ve also let us know they plan to now do a second printing of the first issue to be released with the Issue #2 of the comic series on November 28th, 2012. But there’s no telling how fast that one will sell out so…you snooze, you might lose. Just saying…