The MacGyver Foundation

The MacGyver name is synonymous with innovation, ingenuity and the ability to solve complex problems using only the resources at hand, particularly in the face of a crisis.
The MacGyver Foundation aims to encourage and support individuals and organizations throughout the world who utilize self-reliance, non-violence and sustainability to improve people’s lives.


  • Recognize and support innovative problem-solvers
  • Challenge individuals and organizations to tackle specific problems
  • Support educational opportunities to help create the next generation of problem-solvers
  • Build a community of “MacGyvers” to help others become agents of change


The Young MacGyver Award is an annual award presented to young individuals who exemplify the spirit of MacGyver through creativity, ingenuity and a desire to help others with innovative problem solving.


The MacGyver Foundation is proud to be supporting The Next MacGyver project as it seeks ideas for a scripted television show featuring a female engineer character in a leading role with an aim to inspire young people, in particular females, to consider pursuing engineering.

The final pitches and winner announcements were streamed live on Youtube.

More information on the specific programs and how you can support or donate to the MacGyver Foundation will be available shortly…

4 thoughts on “The MacGyver Foundation

  1. Dear Mr. Zlotoff,
    Your vision is very interesting! Here’s something to throw into the mix:
    I once was given a dream about the snowballing positive changes that could be wrought if an itenerating team of MacGyveresque instructors traveled around teaching applied science seminars to middle and high schoolers in underdeveloped areas of the world, just using materials at hand. (You may want to re-read that last sentance more slowly for it all to sink in!)
    These instructors would also show a few examples of how science and appropriate technology were applied to solve problems in other communities (and maybe even appropriate clips from some episodes of MacGyver) as examples, then challenge the students to brainstorm and do science fair type projects about the things THEY think need solving in THEIR community (be it health, safety, sanitation, energy, food production, habitation, transportation, etc).
    The science fair project exibitors would have to explain their projects not just to judges and other students in their more formal language, but also to their siblings, parents, relatives, neighbors, and community leaders in their everyday language. The students and community leaders would then be encouraged to pick a project or two to actually implement.
    I never watched much TV after starting college in ’84, so I didn’t even know about MacGyver till all my friends started telling me this show I had to see because it was about a character “who did what I did” — making whatever was needed out of whatever was on hand (and not wanting anyone to get really hurt) — I did see the resemblance! But I still only saw snippets until I bought a complete season just five years ago — then I quickly figured out I wanted the complete series for my Christmas present!
    I’m hoping to finish construction and training others at a group of foster homes in Brazil over the next year to year and a half, but I’m not sure where God will lead after that. I just know that ever since my call to missions, I’ve had a burden to involve more of my experience with Scouts, science fairs, engineering, NASA, living simply, and willingness to go where there’s a need. With so many needs around the world, I’d like to work with youth in such a way that the work could multiply geometricly.
    I’m not sure where this may lead, but at a minimum I’d like to keep in touch and continue to trade ideas.
    David E.


  2. Dear Mr. Zlotoff,
    I’d like to be the next MccGyver. I have working solutions to real world problems, including, but nut limited to energy, automation, food and water prodution. I would be very interested to find funding from your company, and or affiliates.
    Mr. Wilson


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