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MacGyverWelcome to the Official MacGyver Site.

“I cannot begin to express how humbled I am at the way you have embraced MacGyver as a fun and entertaining character, and how so many of you around the world have been inspired to make him part of your lives, if not your vocabulary. Never in my wildest dreams when I was writing the pilot could I have imagined what MacGyver would become.”

Lee D. Zlotoff


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‘MacGyver’ Season 2 DVD Review

Geek To Me radio reviews the season 2 DVD ahead of it’s Sept 18 release.



I will admit that I’m still one of those people who runs out and buys the actual DVDs & Blu-rays of movies and TV shows. I like to physically have possession of them, I like to change the discs in my video player, I like looking at the lithograph and arranging my collection alphabetically. Filing the season 2 of the new ‘MacGyver‘ series into the “M” section of my collection was almost as satisfying as watching the series itself. For those who are somehow unfamiliar, the new ‘MacGyver’ on CBS is a reboot of an 80’s show of the same name. It follows the adventures of the titular character Angus MacGyver (Lucas Till) who is an operative for a covert U.S. Government agency called The Phoenix Foundation. He manages to rig together (or “MacGyver”) some clever inventions with his ingenuity and whatever items happen to be…

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