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“I cannot begin to express how humbled I am at the way you have embraced MacGyver as a fun and entertaining character, and how so many of you around the world have been inspired to make him part of your lives, if not your vocabulary. Never in my wildest dreams when I was writing the pilot could I have imagined what MacGyver would become.”

Lee D. Zlotoff


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What would MacGyver do to escape from The Nat?

‘Nat’ staffers do a trial run in the museum’s new escape room. (Photo sourced from linked page)

The San Diego Natural History Museum, aka The Nat, may be the first major U.S. museum to officially join in the “escape room” craze with it’s “Escape The Nat” room which will formally be opened tonight in a formerly closed section on its lower level.

The initial adventure is themed “Botanic Panic” and will see up to six “citizen scientists” locked in the room racing against a 60-minute clock to figure out mind-boggling puzzles, decipher clues and break codes to resolve the mystery to find the cure for a deadly virus threatening the world.

Source: San Diego Tribune




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