Your MacGyverisms – A cool fix for dorm’s failing air conditioning

Jim Gilbert on March 6, 2013 at 12:51 pm

I didn’t think of this one (I read about it), but it’s still a “MacGyverism”:

An engineering student got frustrated with his dorm’s air conditioning going out all the time, so he came up a simple solution. He got two large trash cans. He placed one on a STURDY shelf near the ceiling and filled it water; from this can he ran a garden hose to the second trash can. In this can he placed ice, and the garden hose wound its way several times through the ice before exiting the can and heading to a large box fan. He hooked up the hose to copper tubing he had bent to criss-cross the back of the fan. He then hooked up another garden hose to the other end of the copper tubing and trailed this hose out the window. Thereafter, whenever the dorm’s air conditioning went out, he let the ice cool the water, which cooled the air blowing through the fan.