Revised Release Date for Graphic Novel

Graphic novel back cover

We have been advised by our publisher that the MacGyver graphic novel release date has been rescheduled for Oct 2 for comic book stores and Oct 15 for online stores.

This is due to the delay between comic stores and the book market that our distributor has in place.



Graphic Novel Announced

The highly successful MacGyver comic book series, “Fugitive Gauntlet”, is set to become a graphic novel which will combine all five issues of the comic book series co-written by MacGyver creator, Lee David Zlotoff and New York Times Bestselling Author Tony Lee with art by Will Sliney.

The novel will not only contain the full creation back story written by Lee Zlotoff which ran as a five part story at the back of each comic book issue, but will also feature an introduction by MacGyver and Stargate SG:1 Producer Micheal Greenburg as well as a special article from Lee Zlotoff explaining the concept of his new MacGyver Global site and outlining his future plans for MacGyver.

The MacGyver Graphic Novel is set to be released on Sept. 25, 2013.

Graphic novel front cover

Graphic novel back cover