Virtual Reality ‘MacGyverWorld’ Coming Soon With 3D Holograms


(Los Angeles, CA) – July 22, 2019 – Creator of the globally-recognized MacGyver franchise Lee David Zlotoff, and visionary film director Brett Leonard (Lawnmower Man, Virtuosity), are partnering with pioneering VR company Imverse to create MacGyverWorld.’ The project—which capitalizes on both the location-based entertainment (LBE) market, and the booming escape room industry—will endeavor to transport fans into a deeply immersive, live-action MacGyver VR escape room adventure. Currently eyeing a 2020 release, the groundbreaking experience will feature live holographic technology, along with the wry wit and novel gadgetry that are hallmarks of the long-standing franchise, which now spans over three decades in 70 world markets.

“I wanted something so cutting-edge, that it would not only redefine the character but show people what’s possible in out-of-home entertainment,” explains Zlotoff. “I’m truly psyched to expand the vision and scope of MacGyver into virtual reality.”

Film and VR producer, Mark Rickard, through Leonard’s Studio Lightship banner, will produce and oversee development of the super-premium virtual experience. Further creative details are currently being kept under-wraps.

Leonard, who will also direct the experience, states: “It’s all the best things about escape rooms and VR on steroids. It will leave guests in awe once they realize they’ve been physically and psychologically transported to MacGyverWorld.”

Imverse are the foremost experts in real-time volumetric capture with their multiplayer and embodiment technology. MacGyverWorld participants will be able to see photoreal representations of themselves and others displayed in real time as digital holograms while inside VR. They will be volumetrically filmed to freely explore and interact with virtual objects and each other, as they will work separately and together to solve their way out, essentially becoming protagonists of their own unique stories, enjoying real body-presence in VR like never before.

“In existing LBE content, you never get to see your real-self inside the virtual space,” notes Imverse CEO & Co-founder, Javier Bello Ruiz. “At best, you get a computer-generated avatar – but it isn’t really you. With our real-time volumetric capture participants get to see their actual selves and walk around in mixed reality.”

Imverse will be showcased at SIGGRAPH—the industry-leading computer graphics conference—currently underway at the Los Angeles Convention Center until August 1st (main exhibition floor, booth 641), where Imverse is unveiling their latest demos and welcoming investors for their upcoming Series A financing round.

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