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We know there are many fans out there for whom MacGyver has created special memories or had a profound influence on their lives and we want to hear as many of those stories as we can. Whether it be memories of watching the show with your family or describing how MacGyver has somehow impacted your life, we want to hear about it. So send us your stories via the comments section below and we’ll post them on this page to share with the world.


Since MacGyver’s creator, Lee Zlotoff, has finally agreed to step up and share his story of how Mac came to be, we wanted to give anyone and everyone who had a hand in bringing MacGyver to life the same opportunity. One man does not a TV series make, you know? So if you were a writer, producer, director, actor, executive, dolly grip or had any role in the original TV series, we invite you to share your experiences so that we fans can get the whole picture—so to speak—of what really goes into making such a globally successful show. And, while we get that it may have just ‘been a job’ at the time, now that MacGyver has been embraced by literally billions of people of all ages, ethnicities and nationalities, we’re wondering how it feels now to know that you were there when it all began. (Sorry, no free T-Shirts for you though ‘cause, well, you got paid, remember?)


We know–beyond a shadow of a doubt–that there are millions of you out there who have found yourselves in a tricky situation and had no choice but to channel your inner Mac and just MacGyver your way out of it!  Well, here’s the place to share it, so the rest of us can be impressed with your genius— whip it out at just the right moment—and smile to ourselves as we let our astonished friends and family think that it was our idea. So start sending us that clever thig-a-ma-jig you devised, or that tool you repurposed or whatever so we can make sure the whole world knows how brilliant you are.

9 thoughts on “MacGyver Youniversity

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  2. Unfortunately, I can not speak English but I had such a situation where a car’s radiator broke and my children had to chew a whole pack of gum to come back home I do not like guns and MacGyver has shown me that you can live well without them can it would be happy if there is a sequel but only with Ricki Dean he’s such a Sahneschnittchen and a funny man in Europe, we have not had the opportunity at that time because of the limitations but today we are old and still stand by him Mfg. Cosima Hinze

    Translated by Google Translate

    ich kann leider kein englisch aber ich hatte so eine Situation wo der Kühler eines Autos kaputt ging und meine Kinder eine ganze Packung Kaugummi kauen mussten um wieder nach Hause zu kommen ich mag keine Waffen und Mac Gyver hat mir gezeigt das man auch ohne sie gut leben kann es würde mich freuen wenn es eine Fortsetzung gibt aber nur mit Ricki Dean er ist so ein Sahneschnittchen und ein lustiger Mensch wir in Europa haben damals die Chance nicht gehabt wegen der Grenzen aber heute sind wir alt und stehen trotzdem zu Ihm Mfg Cosima Hinze


  3. Hello!
    Well, when I was an impressionable teenager (and completely in love with MacGyver) I wrote an outline for an episode (with a cheeky little part for me) and sent it to Paramount. I still have the rejection letter 🙂


  4. Well, I loved MacGyver cause of his faith and trust in other people, always helping, had the power to let people grow, never let them down.. Also it’s a part which is very important within my religion, but as a kid, I learned a lot from MacGyver by seeing this, and got interested in Richard Dean Anderson, and his charities. Have a lot of respect for this man! And for everyone around MacGyver making it possible!!
    I took that part with me along the way and now I’m working with homeless people, trying to give them a better place to stay, with the same trust/faith MacGyver had…Proud of doing that, with a big part learned from MacGyver, THANK YOU!!


  5. The first season of MacGyver coincided with a particularly difficult period of my life, and the show helped me to get through it. My mother died a couple of months before the show premiered, and everything was a struggle. The simple pleasure of watching MacGyver gave me something to look forward to each week. I taped the show so I could watch it over and over. I wore out the scene from To Be A Man when MacGyver has his shoulder cauterized, just because I played it so many times. Later, I traveled overseas often and became a vegetarian, although I can’t say I ever became handy with duct tape. MacGyver has a special place in my memories from those years, and I still enjoy watching the series now. I wish shirt collars were still as fun, but as a female who suffered some horrific perms, I sure don’t miss the hair!


  6. I grow up with Mac Gyver on tv and he has inspired my life.
    Now I’m 37 old, I played his character in a short movie, I wrote a novel with a female version of Mac (a very sexy and hot girl) and I still to have “the mullet”, or a sort of it.


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